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Announcing VLC 3.2

1 minute read

VLC 3.2 is the second feature update for VLC 3. This update focused on polishing the user interface, adding some more features to Android TV and chromebooks ...

Announcing VLC 3.1 release!

2 minute read

This is the first feature update in the VLC 3 cycle. It brings back Android auto and improves support of Oreo and Pie.

Modern concurrency on Android with Kotlin

10 minute read

Quick introduction to Kotlin coroutines based on practical examples on how it could drastically improve Android applications and suppress callback hells

Announcing VLC 3.0 release!

3 minute read

Version 2.5 has been a nice upgrade for VLC on Android. Now it’s been stabilized, and we are finally shipping the long awaited version 3.0!